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There is a planning policy requirement to produce a Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on the part of the site proposed to be allocated under the Mid Devon Local Plan Review.   The proposed allocation is only part of a larger Garden Village, but it is important to masterplan the Garden Village as a whole to make the most of its unique opportunities.  For this reason, we will be producing a Framework Masterplan covering the whole of the Garden Village, initially going into more detail on the Masterplan SPD area. 

As part of this masterplanning process, we are currently thinking about how the Garden Village should look and function.  We'll shortly be asking for your views on a draft Vision for the Garden Village, and some initial ideas and concepts for the Garden Village, developed with the participation of various technical and community groups. 

We’ve also started to identify what’s needed in terms of community facilities: schools, healthcare, sports and leisure, retail, and looking at how these facilities can complement those in Cullompton itself.  It is vital that the Garden Village has good transport links and these are being considered alongside masterplanning the Garden Village itself. 

The Masterplan SPD requires two stages of public consultation: issues and opportunities, and draft masterplan.  We will shortly be starting the first of these consultations.  For information on how to get involved, please see the “Get Involved” page.

All the information and ideas gathered, will feed into a draft Framework Masterplan and the SPD, setting out what will go where, and how it all interacts together and with Cullompton, the transport network and surrounding areas.

All masterplanning documents and consultation materials will be available on this website.

East Cullompton allocation

East Cullompton allocation

Get Involved

For information on how to get involved, please see the Get Involved page.