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Culm Garden Village
Culm Garden Village

Tina Maryan
Area Planning Officer, Major Projects Cullompton
Growth, Economy and Delivery Team
Mid Devon District Council
Phoenix House
Phoenix Lane
Tiverton EX16 6PP

Public Consultation: Vision and Masterplanning Concepts

Stage 1 public consultation took place in January/February 2019 on two documents:

  1. The Culm Garden Village Vision and Concept Document sets out a draft Vision and a number of key principles to guide development at the proposed new garden village, together with a Concept Plan which starts to add shape to ideas on how the garden village might look.
  2. The Stage 1 draft East Cullompton Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document sets out a number of issues and opportunities based on an analysis of the site which are brought together to inform some initial concepts for the masterplanning of the East Cullompton Local Plan Review allocation, which will form Phase 1 of the garden village.

The consultation is now closed.

The information and ideas gathered are currently being analysed and will feed into the Vision and Concept document and a draft Masterplan SPD for Phase 1.

A report was taken to to Mid Devon's Cabinet on 30 May 2019 summarising the feedback received from the Stage 1 consultation.

Responses to the Stage 1 public consultation can be viewed on the Masterplanning page.

Vision and Concept Exhibition Boards


Masterplan SPD Exhibition Boards