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The name ‘Garden Village’ comes from the Garden City movement of urban planning, created at the end of the 19th century. The concept was all about well-planned, sustainable places – something we want our Garden Village to be.  As development of the Garden Village will be locally-led, we need to set our own Garden Village principles for Culm and ensure they are at the heart of decision-making.

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The Garden Village will have up to 5,000 new homes with employment space, community facilities and sports and leisure facilities. Land for the first 1,750 houses within the Plan period (up to 2033), and at least 850 after that, is proposed to be allocated under the Mid Devon Local Plan Review and the proposed boundaries for this phase are known. The remainder of the Garden Village is proposed to be allocated under the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan.  The boundary of this larger area has not yet been established and will be subject to public consultation next summer, 2019.

Land to be allocated under Mid Devon Local Plan Review

The Culm Garden Village project will be locally led: the community will be involved in how the Garden Village develops. The Garden Village will be a sustainable new community with excellent links to jobs and the surrounding area, with affordable new homes, self-build plots, lots of green space and waterways, sports and leisure facilities, new schools, shops and healthcare.  Design quality will be important as will low carbon housing, renewable energy and Smart technologies.  Open spaces and community facilities will be managed for the long term, and the new and existing communities will be encouraged to get involved in looking after their own community spaces.  We want to build a community, not just a housing estate.

The Garden Village will be designed with the community and with the future community’s needs in mind. There will be all the usual facilities you expect to see: jobs, schools, healthcare, shops and cafes, pubs, and lots of open spaces, but it will be designed with the future in mind: highly energy-efficient buildings with low cost living in mind, “smart” transport options, the opportunity to build your own house or customise one to suit your own needs, green space for wildlife and opportunities for sport and leisure, including cycling and walking routes around the Garden Village and beyond.   Residents will be encouraged to play an active part in how the Garden Village develops and looking after it into the future.

As yet, we don’t know for sure. Over the coming months we will be producing a Framework Masterplan which will set out how the Garden Village will be developed, for example, where the houses, employment, roads, schools and healthcare will go, where the green space and parks will go, how the Garden Village will be delivered, how it will link with the surrounding transport network and countryside, and how it can be integrated with Cullompton town.  We will also be producing design guidance.  You will be asked for your comments on all these draft documents.

Garden Village doesn’t necessarily mean big gardens, but it does mean a green approach to development, lots of green space and places to enjoy outdoor activities.  Our intention is develop a place that has the right balance between urban areas and countryside, the existing landscaping providing the background to the development.

Yes. There will be a mix of different types of housing to buy and to rent, at market and affordable rates … and there will be opportunity to build your own home or have one custom built to your own specification.  Homes will be adaptable to encourage long term occupation which helps to build a community.

The Mid Devon Local Plan Review provides for at least 32,000 square metres of new employment space at the Garden Village (providing around 1,100 new jobs), and more is planned to be allocated under the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan.

The Garden Village is located next to the existing Kingsmill Industrial Estate and is close to the M5.  New public transport links are being explored to provide fast bus transport to Exeter and a new railway link to Exeter and Taunton and beyond. 

The Garden Village has the potential to provide flexible living space that can adapt to home working, supported by a number work hubs and fast broadband.

Please see the Infrastructure page for details of new transport infrastructure proposed for the area. The Garden Village will have an emphasis on walking and cycling, and new public transport is planned, for example new buses and potentially a new railway station.

One of the key challenges is to ensure that the Garden Village is integrated with Cullompton itself and has good physical and social links with the town.

We could see building starting as early as 2021, once the Framework Masterplan is in place.

Public consultation has now taken place on the route of a new town centre relief road.  Mid Devon District Council has been potentially awarded £10 million towards the cost of delivering this road and is finalising the details of this bid with Homes England. 

The Garden Village will have its own shops, businesses and leisure facilities but these will complement Cullompton’s existing town centre, rather than compete with it.  To ensure Cullompton is not left behind, we are about to start a project to masterplan Cullompton town centre including its links to and relationship with the Garden Village.  You will be able to have your say on the proposals.

Public consultation on different route options for the town centre relief road is due to take place in September/October 2018 and you are encouraged to have you say on this. The impact of the proposed road on the CCA Fields will vary dependent upon the route selected. Two of the route options (A and B) run through the Fields from Station Road to Duke Street, whilst a third route option (C) would connect Honiton Road to Duke Street.  The routes will therefore have different impacts upon the Fields and its users. No preferred route has been selected at this stage.

The CCA Fields area will also be included in a project to produce a regeneration and investment masterplan Cullompton town centre. This project will also consider how Cullompton links to and relates with the Garden Village.  You will also be able to have your say on these proposals.