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A Garden Village of up to 5,000 new homes and new employment opportunities requires good infrastructure and connections.  The Garden Village will provide new schools, healthcare, sports, leisure and community facilities and there is an ambition for the development to take advantage of the latest technology and fast broadband connections.

The Garden Village will feature green space and water for leisure and wildlife, known as green and blue infrastructure, for example a country park.  Provision of this green and blue infrastructure will play an important part in how the Garden Village develops.  It will act as not only a leisure facility but also to reduce flood risk, improve air and water quality and provide wildlife habitats.

One of our key challenges is to ensure that the Garden Village is integrated with Cullompton, both physically and socially.

There is a need for additional road infrastructure to serve the Garden Village and Cullompton.

Public consultation has recently taken place on the route of a new town centre relief road to create additional capacity on the road network and allow some building to start at the Garden Village.  Mid Devon District Council has been potentially awarded £10 million towards the cost of delivering this road and is finalising the details of this bid with Homes England.  For information on this, please see below.

Longer term there is a need to deliver significant improvements to M5 motorway connections to increase its capacity and to allow the Garden Village to be delivered. The precise nature of this significant improvement has yet to be finalised and could take the form of a new overbridge with motorway slip roads. The Council is working closely with Highways England and Devon County Council to ensure these improvements are appropriately designed.

We are also working towards re-opening Cullompton Railway Station and work to establish the feasibility of this is ongoing.  The new station would be part of the Devon Metro line and would link to another new station proposed for Wellington.

More details on each of these projects will be published as they progress, and links from this website will be provided.

Cullompton Town Centre Relief Road Consultation

Devon County Council's public consultation on the proposed detail of the Cullompton Town Centre Relief Road closed on 20 December 2019.