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We want to hear from you.

Details of the consultations and how to get involved will be advertised on this page.

You can get in touch by:

01884 255255
Culm Garden Village
Culm Garden Village

Tina Maryan
Area Planning Officer, Major Projects Cullompton
Growth, Economy and Delivery Team
Mid Devon District Council
Phoenix House
Phoenix Lane
Tiverton EX16 6PP

How we will communicate and engage with you

The Garden Village Communications & Engagement Strategy aims to ensure all stakeholders and local communities are aware of the garden village project and know how they can get involved.

Communication principles

  • Ease of access to information
  • Simple and straightforward language
  • A range of communications methods to involve as many people as possible
  • A single point of access for all garden village-related activities

Engagement principles

  • Seek ideas to develop the garden village Vision
  • Seek the involvement of communities in developing masterplans and shaping proposals
  • Provide feedback on how ideas have been incorporated and if not, why not
  • Structure forums to ensure regular engagement and reflect the community in their membership

Engagement methods and levels of engagement are shown in Appendix 1 to the Culm Garden Village Communications & Engagement Strategy.


  1. Create an action plan to promote the garden village and identify future engagement and consultation opportunities.
  2. Continue to develop constructive relationships with key delivery partners and stakeholders through the Delivery Board, Member Forum, Community & Stakeholder Forum and Landowner Forum (see above).
  3. Set up subject specific working groups to include participants from the local communities and relevant organisations.
  4. Champion Culm Garden Village through engagement with Neil Parish MP and other Government representatives.
  5. Raise the profile of the garden village through publishing articles in journals, speaking at conferences and to local communities, businesses and other groups.
  6. Promote locally-led focus groups and secure community participation through public drop-in sessions, website, newspaper articles, video and social media.
  7. Develop a consultation platform the Culm Garden Village website.
  8. Run masterplanning workshops with stakeholders and community groups, including Design Review.
  9. Continue to develop close working relationships with the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan teams.

We will monitor and evaluate communication and engagement activity in a number of ways as set out in the Strategy. The Strategy will be reviewed, monitored and updated on an annual basis.






Communications & Engagement Strategy

Image of levels of engagement